Furniture Moving Supplies and a Good Packing System Ease the Moving Transition

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Step by step you can organize, pack and move your household items with the proper furniture moving supplies. As with any large job having the right equipment and a system will make the task less daunting. Here are just a few things to consider:

As an initial goal, decide to limit the number of moving boxes you will use for each room. This does not have to be a hard and fast set decision, but it will allow you to pack the most important items first and force you to consider how “packable” the less important items are.
Be certain to have plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, wrapping tissue and sharpies to clearly label the boxes. You might believe that you will remember that the tea set is inthat box labeled “kitchen” but it would be best to clearly mark some of the key contents.
Along with furniture moving supplies such as moving blankets and moving pads have some plastic bags to hold your furniture’s hardware and the proper tools for disassembling them at hand. Once the pieces are in their smallest sections, tape the bag of hardware to the furniture, wrap it in a blanket and secure it with packing tape. This gives you the best chance at minimal damage.
Consider quilted covers as part of your furniture moving supplies. These covers will easily slip over many shapes and have the added bonus of being used again.
As moving day approaches be sure to plan for the type of terrain you will be moving across. If the surfaces are flat then the furniture moving supplies you will need include an appliance dolly and heavy duty hand truck. If the terrain is uneven or you will be climbing stairs, then consider moving straps and bands to ease your load as you climb up.

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